Demodesk logs all relevant information back to Salesforce so you can track relevant data and run extensive reports. To enable data logging in Salesforce, you need to integrate Demodesk with your Salesforce account.

Demodesk automatically logs every meeting as Event in Salesforce. See below for an overview of activity fields and labels that are reported.

List of event objects

Event owner (meeting host, e.g. Account Executive)

Field Label: Assigned To
Field Name: OwnerId
Data Type: Lookup (User, Calendar)
Note: Event owner must connect his Salesforce Account w/ Demodesk

Contact/Lead (meeting invitee, e.g. Customer)

Field Label: Name
Field Name: WhoId
Data Type: Lookup (Contact, Lead)
Note: Demodesk uses the email address of the contact/lead to assign the event. If no email address is found – i.e. contact/lead not yet existing in Salesforce – Demodesk creates a new lead

Booker (user who booked the meeting, e.g. SDR)

Field Label: Booked By
Field Name: Booked_By__c
Data Type: Lookup (User)
Note: Field needs to be added to the event page to be visible

Type (meeting template)

Field Label: Type
Field Name: Type
Data Type: Picklist (Instant meeting, meeting templates)
Note: Name of the meeting template is logged as Type. If an instant meeting was held, then "Instant Meeting" is logged; Field needs to be added to the event page to be visible

Meeting Status (track if an Event is Scheduled, Held, Canceled, NoShow)

Field Label: Meeting Status
Field Name: MeetingStatus__c
Data Type: Picklist (Scheduled, Held, Canceled, No show)
Note: Events are automatically updated once Meeting Status has changed; Field needs to be added to the event page to be visible

Participants (meeting participants and invitees)

Field Label: Description
Field Name: Description
Data Type: Long Text Area(32000)
Note: All invitees and participants are logged in the event description field and will be updated after the event

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