Create a custom field as formula in your contact, lead or opportunity object. Add the custom field as button or field to the respective page layout.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have connected your Google or Microsoft365 account here in your profile settings!

Example: Add a button to schedule a meeting from the Contact Page.

1 - Go to a Contact view  
2 - Click on "Setup" -> "Edit Object"
3 - Go to "Fields & Relationships" and click "New" to add a custom field
4 - Select "Formula" as Data Type
5 - Add the following formula: HYPERLINK(""+  Company + "&name="+ FirstName+ "%20"+ LastName+ "&email=" + Email, "Schedule meeting")
PRO TIP: You can add more tokens to personalize your invites, confirmation and reminder emails. All Default tokens can be found HERE
6 - Go to "Compact Layout", choose an existing one or click "New", click "Edit" and add your custom field to the layout.

Lightning View

Classic View

If you have questions on additional tokens or streamlining the process, don't hesitate to reach out to us

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