With Demodesk, you can fully automate cross-team scheduling.
Easily hand-off leads from marketing to sales to customer success with smart lead routing and round robin scheduling.

To set up team scheduling follow these three easy steps:

1 - Invite your team to Demodesk

You can only schedule for team members who have a Demodesk account (invite them here) and a working Google or Office 365 connection.

2 - Set up a team template

Open or create a new team template under https://demodesk.com/manage/demo-templates
Go to "Scheduling" and add team members to your template.

3 - Schedule for team

Click on "Schedule meeting" and then select "Schedule for team".

If you schedule for another team member, the calendar invite will be set up in his calendar and invitations and reminders are being sent from his account. The meeting will show up in his Demodesk dashboard.

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