In general, you can choose between two different setups: 

Use Demodesk audio setup

In this case, you will be either using the Demodesk computer audio or the Demodesk conference line. No matter which option you choose, both will connect you with the Demodesk audio conference.

In your template under Meeting template active the slider for Use Demodesk audio conference system. You can chose to offer just one option, the computer audio or the phone dial-in, or both.

This affects how the customer will see the dial in:

If you already know that your customers prefer one option over the other, we recommend to set the settings accordingly to make it as easy as possible to join a meeting. Phone dial-in is especially helpful if your customers use older browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer) and don't regularly hold meetings on their computers. 

Use your own audio system

If you intend to use your own audio system to call the customers during a meeting, feel free to disable the Demodesk audio all-together on your template. This way, your customers will need to click one time less to join the meeting.

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