Sign into Demodesk and click on "Meeting templates" in the top ribbon.

Once you're in the template section you will have the option to set up a Personal template or a Team template (in Pro and Business accounts only).

Personal templates are not shareable in your team, only you can book meetings with them. 

Team templates on the other hand are transferable, so anyone in your team can book a meeting with a team template.

To create a new template, click on +

In the new window, you will be prompted to give it a name.

Next, you can decide if your customers should dial-in via phone or use our computer audio system. If both are enabled, they can choose freely.
Define a default country for the phone dial-in, this will be displayed to the customer once they join the meeting. If this number doesn't match their current location, they will be asked to choose a different number which suits them better.

The Tabs section is where all your websites and documents live. Everything that you show during a demo can be preloaded here, so it is available for you at the start of the demo. If you miss something, don't worry: You can always add more during a demo.
Your customers won't be able to see the contents in here unless you show them specifically during the demo, so you can upload documents for multiple cases.

In Scheduling, you can define all options for scheduling demos on this template.

First of all, we're going to ask you for the duration of your demo in order to block your calendar. Next, for different templates you can define different standard timezones, this is especially handy if you have demos with leads in other timezones.

In the messages section, you can define a standard confirmation message your customer will receive when you book a demo with them. Make use of our tokens, instead of writing the demo time in every email a token will auto-complete your message for you.

Feel free to change the email text to whatever suits you best. The language settings here specifiy the language for the tokens (e.g. {{demo_date}} --> "Friday, the 15th of March 2019).

If you wish, you can set up to two reminders which will be sent to your customers at the specified time before the demo.

In the Booking section, you can define who of our team-members will be available for booking on this template. This is especially important if you plan to enable the Booking Link or if you want to schedule demos with customers for your colleagues.
In Availability, you can set the days and times of the week your Calendar will be available for booking via the Booking Link.

Booking Link gives you the option to open your calendar for booking via a link

You can define the questions to be asked, and if they should be mandatory or optional.
In Confirmation you can either copy the invitation from above or define a new one. This email will be sent to anyone who books via the link.

Here's a guide on how to display the Booking Link in other languages:

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