To start a scheduled meeting, click on Start for the meeting you want to start in your Demodesk dashboard. If you have no meeting scheduled, simply click on Meet now.

If the meeting is due within the next 5 minutes, we will start it for you and you will see a blue Open button instead of the Start. This will open a new Tab in your browser with the demo. 

In the new window, Demodesk will ask you how you want to connect your Audio:
A click on Connect will connect you via computer audio. You can also dial in via phone by calling the displayed number and entering the 5-digit code, this is especially handy when you have a slow internet connection. 

Once you have connected either via computer audio or via phone, you are ready to go:

Tab Bar

On the left is your Tab bar. Simply think of it like the Tabs on your local browser. Every website or Document that has been attached to a Meeting Template will appear here from the beginning of the meeting on, but you can add new Documents and Websites during a meeting. Only the current open Tab will be visible for the participants, all others are hidden and only visible for you. To add a new website, document or to share your local screen, simply click on Share More

Next to each Tab, you will have the option to go back, reload the page or close it. 

Participant overview

In here you will see all active participants of a demo. Click on the participant symbol to extend the list:

The green microphone symbol shows that the customer is connected to the call and currently unmuted. You as meeting host can mute any participant at any time by clicking on their microphone symbol. Right to it, you will find the option to share control specifically with this participant only. Your participants can also enter a URL to a website they want to share. For this, simply click on the share website button next to the participant that should be able to enter it.
Finally, you can kick out participants of the call.
Invite participants opens a new window to quickly share the Demodesk link with your customers.


In the audio options you will find the information for joining the meeting, in case you want to switch audio options or communicate dial-in numbers to your customers.

Webcam settings

Right under the screen sharing session itself, Demodesk offers three options:
Show the screen share only, show screen share and webcams or show webcams only. With the first setting, your participants won't be able to see you, while the last two will show all participants of a meeting all webcam streams.
Whenever you activate the webcam for the first time, each participant will be asked to allow access to their respective webcams.

Record meetings

Demodesk allows you to record meetings, to do so please get in touch with our customer support:

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