In the sidebar, you have a slide preview with all your docs in one place (websites, presentations, documents, videos...) and can seamlessly switch between the different "slides". For the best possible demo, you can organize your presentation here, while your customers will only see the slides you are presenting.

1 - Add content to the sidebar
 You can easily add the following different types of content to the sidebar: 

  • Website
  • Document
  • Google Drive
  • Local desktop 

2 - Organize content
You can easily organize the content in your sidebar by sorting, nesting and deleting slides with drag-and-drop - just as you're used to with PowerPoint or Google Slides.
You can even fix the sidebar by clicking the plus symbol.

3 - Create playbooks
Alternatively to adding content to the sidebar, you can also predefine your playbook and save it as a template:

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