Here are the steps to make your Google Calendar a powerful scheduling tool.
Our recommended setup is Google Chrome and the Calendar webinterface.

  1. Head over to the Chrome store and install our Chrome extension for scheduling.
    With it, you can start scheduling meetings right in your calendar - READ MORE
  2. Define your default event type and set reminders in it.
    Reminders are triggered even for meetings scheduled through the Google Calendar - READ MORE
  3. Delete Hangouts links from your meetings.
    To clearly communicate where your customers can join a meeting, make sure to turn off Hangouts in your calendar - READ MORE
  4. Show declined events.
    If your customers can't make it, make sure to still display the event in your calendar as declined. Go to settings -> View options -> Show declined events
  5. Use email templates.
    Use email templates to add your booking links into Customer emails - READ MORE
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