As the host you have full control over the Demo, you can choose which content to present and manage the participants. You can always invite other guest, just click the participants icon in the bottom left corner to invite new participants to join the meeting. You will be able to send an email invite or copy/paste the meeting link. The other guest won't be able to see a list of the participants. 

If you move your mouse to the left you open the sidebar with the different slides. You can go through the playbook, add new content or choose to present your screen. 

On the bottom right corner you can choose to record the meeting, show notes and zoom in our out to improve the visibility. The notes are the ones that you added when creating the playbook.
You can also contact support or end the meeting.
When you go to the right sidebar, there is a option to add new notes. If you’ve integrated Salesforce, the notes will instantly be added to the corresponding account. 

In the bottom middle you can choose to activate the webcam as well as cobrowsing, which allows your participants to interact on the website that is currently opened.

In the bottom left corner you can manage all of your participants, as well as ask them to present. Then they can either share their screen or choose a website to explore. 

There is also a little chat icon on the left, where guests can chat with the host. Other participants will not be able to see those messages.

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