Event Types are templates for everything that happens before a Demodesk meeting takes place. You can template your calendar invitations, Email invitations, reminders or booking links in here. To do so go to Event Types on your left sidebar and click on Create Event Type.

Personal Event Types are not shareable in your team, only you can book meetings with them. Team Event Types on the other hand are transferable, so anyone in your team can book a meeting with a team template.

You can edit the name, the duration and most importantly choose which Playbook to use. 

Location decides whether he is going to receive an unique meeting link or a link to your permanent Lobby. Not sure what fits you best? Take a look here.

 In Conferencing you can set the Audio Options and Recording states your preference for auto-recording all meetings on this Event Type.

Write a compelling event description and choose whether you want to send an email invitation alongside the calendar event. Our powerful reminders will help you make sure that your customers actually show up for the scheduled meeting. Tokens are a great way to make those Emails more personalized, check out our guide here.

Team assignment decides which of your colleagues shall be allowed to hold this Demo, you can also adjust the relative frequency of such meetings by changing the amounts next to each person. Strict Booking uses our algorithm to choose a host, with flexible booking you can choose on your own.

The Scheduling Page helps you automate the booking process by letting your customers book meetings on their own. We have a full guide explaining the set-up process.

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