Manual creation of leads and contacts is painful! With Demodesk booking links we will take care of that. This article will guide you through on how you can easily automate your leads and contacts creation.

Set up your Salesforce Integration:

  • Enable the correct settings for your Salesforce Integration. If you have not set them up yet, check out this article below on how to do it.

  • Allow creating new Leads or Contacts to be created by Demodesk.

Set up your Custom Tokens

With Custom Tokens you can define all relevant data you want to know about your leads and contacts. After you have decided what kind of data you need from your leads, create your own custom tokens and connect them Salesforce following this article.

Now you can enable the right booking questions on your booking page. Simply connect the created custom tokens to the questions and your booking page is ready to go. Find more information about functionality here.

Once your booking link has been set up, you are ready to go! Check out this demonstration and leverage the automatic creation of new leads and contacts by Demodesk.

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