Demodesk offers a full GSuite integration, which allows you to have more efficient Demos. Here are the best way to use them:

1. Upload existing presentations in your Playbook

Go into your Playbook, click on Add and choose Google Presentation. Please make sure to connect your account to Demodesk before and have link sharing activated.

When the presentation you are adding is not shared with "Anyone with the link", then you will receive the following message.

At this point, we recommend changing the restriction settings of your presentation to "Anyone with the link". However, if your company's policy does not allow that, not to worry! We have a solution for you:

  • When the presentation is owned by your Google account - then you can easily click on Proceed anyway, log in to your account on the virtual screen and you and all other participants will be able to view the presentation. You can either log in directly during the meeting, or just before you start it, to have everything well prepared already.

  • When the presentation is owned by a different Google account - then you need to ask permission to view the presentation in Gdrive. After that, you will be able to Proceed anyway, log in to your account, and thus view the presentation.

If you decide to share a private presentation, you will need to be logged in to your Google account inside a meeting. You will stay logged into your account, if you save session cookies (see below how to do this).

2. Stay logged into your Google account to ease the process

By saving your cookies on your virtual browser, you are automatically logged into your Google account every time you open a new meeting. This will jump you directly onto the presentation without having to access your account every time.

  1. Go to your profile settings

  2. Toggle on the option "Save session cookies"

  3. Thus click Save

3. Editing sheets, documents, or presentations together

If you've edited your presentation in Google Slides, you can click on Reload from Google to update all the slides inside your Playbook.

To ensure that you are able to use your link without having to sign in, please choose one of the two following options in your settings:

If you want to engage your participants during a meeting, you can use any prepared presentation. Follow this simple list of steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged into GSuite inside the meeting, or use a link that has link sharing activated.

  2. Add the link as a Website (instead of a Google Slide). This will open the presentation in edit mode rather than presentation mode.

  3. Enable control sharing for participants, so make sure a green arrow appears next to their name in the participants list.

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