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Over the past month, our team has been working incredibly hard to improve Demodesk.

Here’s a roundup of all the new features and updates released in the past month.

Product Highlights

  • Pull data from Salesforce directly into scheduling
  • Fill in missing tokens seamlessly in "schedule a meeting"
  • Pull data from Salesforce automatically into meetings
  • Update your Salesforce directly from Demodesk meetings
  • Switch your playbook from inside of a meeting

...even more features & fixes

  • Duplicate playbooks into a company or personal tab
  • Get notified if you are logged out or if you join a meeting twice
  • Employee list overhaul and fixes
  • Increase download speed of playbooks when adding Google slides or PDFs
  • Keep data from original meeting in case of handover
  • Fixed issue of not being able to delete playbooks

Pulling data directly from Salesforce into Scheduling

Select a contact or a lead from Salesforce and all connected fields will be synced right into your scheduling page. All tokens in email invites, calendar invites, and reminders will be prefilled automatically.

✅ Lean back: Automate your scheduling.

✅ Be efficient: Reduce time spent on scheduling and emails.

✅ Ensure simplicity: With two clicks your whole scheduling workflow is done.

Filling in missing tokens seamlessly in schedule a meeting

Make the most out of your tokens. If there is a token missing, a central view will allow you to fill in missing tokens.

✅ Ease of mind: Make sure your tokens are filled.

✅ Blazing fast: One screen to fill in all missing tokens.

Pull data from Salesforce automatically into meetings

Have a perfect meeting by having all the information you need from Salesforce inside of your meeting. Just schedule a meeting with a Salesforce lead or contact. The data will be pulled into the meeting automatically.

✅ Know your client: Have the most important data from Salesforce in your meeting.

Update your Salesforce directly from Demodesk meetings

No need for you to do administrative work of updating leads, opportunities, or contacts in Salesforce. We will do that for you. With one click you can sync all the information you have learned in a meeting and send it directly to Salesforce. Salesforce is up-to-date and you are directly ready for your next meeting.

✅ Save time: We sync everything you have learned directly to Salesforce.

✅ Mix and match: You have full control to decide which information should get synced.

Switch your playbook from inside a meeting

Always have the right playbook ready for your clients. Do you need another playbook for your perfect meeting? No worries! Just switch your playbook inside of the meeting and always show the playbooks that best fit your current situation.

✅ Be flexible: Switch the playbook during your meeting.

✅ Keep your data: Your token answers and notes will be saved.

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