The Demodesk-Pipedrive-Integration allows you to automatically create activities, deals, and contacts to keep your CRM in sync.

Simply integrate your Pipedrive account in your settings by clicking on connect and then signing in. Please make sure that your Demodesk and Pipedrive email addresses are the same.

Advanced integration settings

In the integration settings, you can define whether an activity and/or a deal should be created and change the activity type, pipeline, and deal stage.

After the successful integration, those functionalities are supported:

  • Scheduling a meeting will automatically create an activity in Pipedrive.

  • Scheduling a meeting will also log a deal into a pipeline in Pipedrive.

  • Creating a contact and company if a guest schedules a meeting via the scheduling page and no contact with the respective email address exists

  • Syncing custom information customers enter on scheduling pages to Pipedrive connecting system and custom tokens to fields in Pipedrive (see below how to set up tokens for Pipedrive)

Note: To be able to sync the notes, the meeting must be present in Pipedrive. Only after scheduling a new meeting (with the Pipedrive integration connected), you will be able to sync the notes for that meeting. Bear in mind that all the meetings scheduled before connecting Pipedrive won’t be synced since they are not present on Pipedrive yet.

Difference between the save buttons:

  • Save: saves the changes done here in the Demodesk backend;

  • Sync to Pipedrive: saves the changes performed in the Demodesk backend and syncs them to Pipedrive

  • Skip: discards the changes done on the meeting summary screen

Setting up system tokens

We recommend the following token connections with the respective Pipedrive fields to gain the full benefits of our Demodesk-Pipedrive-Integration.

Demodesk Token Names and Slugs

Pipedrive Field

Guest last name (customer_last_name)
Guest first name (customer_first_name)

Person -> Name

Guest email (customer_email)

Person -> Email

Meeting link (demo_link)

Activity -> Location

Meeting time (demo_time)

Activity -> Due Time

Meeting date (demo_date)

Activity -> Due Date

Meeting name (demo_account)

Activity -> Subject

Settings up custom tokens for scheduling pages

  1. Create a custom token or use an existing and connect it to a People or Activity field in Pipedrive.

  2. In the event type settings, add a question to the scheduling page and use the respective token.

  3. When a customer books a meeting through the scheduling page, the entered data will be automatically snyced to Pipedrive.

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