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Here's a rundown of what we've been up to in the past month. Whenever you have questions, we are happy to help–just shoot us a message in the chat!

Product highlights

... see below for videos and more details.

  • Integrate Pipedrive with Demodesk (beta)
  • Sync more data to your Salesforce
  • Reload Google Slides faster and retrieve new slides
  • Edit content through menu in agenda sidebar
  • Use fullscreen mode for participants
  • Zoom into PDFs & websites
  • As an admin, cancel meeting in name of host
  • Duplicate event types to personal or team
  • Change payment method yourself and view invoices

... even more features & fixes


  • Mute button (microphone) is always displayed: This will provide assistance to you and your customers in case the audio is not connected
  • Improvements in local desktop sharing: We added the name of the person sharing in the sidebar so you can identify it more easily; plus, when your guest is sharing content, you now get more notifications on your guest's current step
  • Improved notifications on participants' actions: As a host, you now know better what your participants are doing, e.g. who has joined or left the meeting or the status of their audio connection (participant list)
  • Meeting summary: After the meeting, we now also show a meeting summary screen if no participant was in meeting, so you can sync your tokens
  • More reliable audio and video

Scheduling and Event Types

  • Meeting handover: After a handover, a handover email with a summary is being sent to the new host
  • Handover (Outlook): After a handover, the slot is shown as available for the previous host
  • Text editor polishing: Our text editors now show you what your emails and calendar descriptions will look like after sending
  • Optimized round robin distribution

Integrate Pipedrive with Demodesk (beta)

You can now automatically log your Demodesk meetings in Pipedrive–without manual effort. If you are interested in becoming one of the first testers, shoot us a message through the chat.

Sync more data to your Salesforce

We added more system tokens, i.e. information you can sync to Salesforce, so you can reduce manual data transfer and improve your reporting.

Reload Google Slides faster and retrieve new slides

Reloading your Google Slides now happens a lot faster. Also, newly added slides in the deck are now retrieved as well.

Edit content through menu in agenda sidebar

You can now use the menu in the sidebar to access typical functionalities of your content more easily, e.g. going to the previous website.

Use fullscreen mode for participants or zoom into PDFs & websites

Your participants can now view your content in fullscreen mode. This can be especially helpful if they are on a small screen. Alternatively, you can now also zoom into PDFs and websites just as you are used to from other tools.

Cancel meeting in name of host as an admin

One of your team members won't make it for a meeting and cannot access their account? As an admin, you can now cancel meetings in the name of the host.

Duplicate event types to personal or team

You need to customize an event type for a specific meeting? You can now easily duplicate event types from team to personal (or vice versa) and edit them, without changing your team's event types.

Change payment details yourself and view invoices

You want to update your credit card information or download previous invoices? You can now do that in Stripe's customer portal.

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