Have you ever wanted to modify a Playbook for a specific meeting you were about to have? Have you ever felt like your Playbook required some fine-tuning and wished to be able to save all those edits right after?

In Demodesk it is possible to save a customized Playbook individually without the need to overwrite the old one. The major benefit: You can have a parent Playbook and individualize it for every specific demo case before the meeting even starts. Secondly, you can iterate your Playbook by saving the modifications you applied during the meeting right after you ended it.

Follow this simple list of steps or look at the video showcasing the different actions you need to take:

  1. Find the meeting in your meeting dashboard where you wish to modify the Playbook to customize it for that specific case
  2. Click on the meeting as if you wanted to edit it
  3. On the top bar, select Playbook
  4. Apply all the edits you need
  5. Hover over the "Save as" button and select whether you wish to save it as a new personal or company Playbook

Note: the same list of steps applies when the meeting is already ended and you wish to save the modified Playbook for that specific case. Instead of going into your upcoming meetings, you will find it in the past meetings list.

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