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My personal highlight: It is now a lot easier for you and your participants to share content inside a meeting (your guests are now able to share content proactively).

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Product highlights

... see below for videos and more details.

  • Easy content sharing for both you and your participants through dedicated buttons in the main menu
  • See your attendees' calendar responses in Demodesk
  • Find all Gmail and Google Calendar events in the backlog for 100% transparency
  • Persistent scheduling links to be integrated into your website
  • Customize how you invite guests to running meeting

... even more features & enhancements

  • Always have your recording at hand, right after the meeting (even if the start or end date is in the future).
  • Did you know that team scheduling pages also work as personal scheduling pages? You can now find them in the respective event type.
  • When you are adding a new guest to a meeting, you can easily send them the email invite without manual effort with the option to customize it as you wish.
  • If you cancel a meeting in Demodesk, you can now send a custom to your guests, e.g. with a link to schedule the next meeting.
  • Easily add participants to a Demodesk meeting in Outlook, and they will automatically be synced to Demodesk.
  • If a participant has a bad internet connection, they receive a notification. (Tip: it helps a lot to dial in via phone or to turn off the video.)
  • Salesforce is being updated automatically if you make changes to a Demodesk event in Google Calendar.
  • With the new personalized meeting user interface, you always start with the best meeting setup for your use case.
  • Improved audio and performance for better meeting experiences

Easily share content in meetings

In the past, we often heard that sharing content, especially the local desktop, is tedious. We listened!

We have improved the meeting viewer User Interface and added dedicated buttons to share content to the menu for both host and participant. Users can now request to share content and you, as a host, only need to accept – so much easier!

See your attendees' calendar responses in Demodesk

Have you ever found yourself preparing for a meeting in Demodesk and quickly wanting to check your guests' response? Going forward you can easily do so in Demodesk, send another reminder if they haven't responded or reschedule if they have declined.

Increased transparency on Gmail and Google Calendar events

Have you ever wondered if your emails have been sent out to your prospects or if an event got updated correctly? You can now find all Gmail and Gcal events in the backlog for 100% transparency.

Customize how you invite guests to a running meeting

Do you often use instant meetings and want to invite participants out of the meeting? You can now edit the in-meeting invite for every specific event type (e.g. make it language-specific).

Persistent scheduling links to be integrated into your website

Typically, your scheduling link consists of your or your company's name plus the event type's name. Now, you can also use the event type's ID instead of the event type's name. This makes the link persistent to manual changes of the URL and allows you to integrate the link into your website – without fearing that someone changes the URL in Demodesk. (Please reach out to us if you have questions on how to find the ID on an event type.)



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