A Playbook is a ready-made structure for your meetings that you prepare once and can then use as a template on future Demodesk meetings. This makes meetings consistent and repeatable, since every team member is able to use shared templates. You can create a new Playbook for each of your products and services or for different customer groups.

Demodesk offers Team and Personal Templates, depending on whether your whole company or only yourself should have access to the new playbook.

To create a new Playbook click on Create Playbook and give your presentation a name, then add the desired content. To make the creation of Playbooks even easier, you can upload your pre-existing presentations from Google Presentations, Microsoft Powerpoint or as PDF. You can even add notes or Agenda Items to structure your presentation. Those will only be seen by the host and not by your guests. When there are multiple slides in a template you can change the order by dragging and dropping.

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