The Demodesk Chrome extension makes scheduling out of Google calendar a lot easier and allows you to have the most important Demodesk functionalities always at your hand.


  1. Head over to the Chrome store and install the Demodesk extension.
  2. Make sure to restart your browser or reload the pages you want to use the extension on.

Notes: You always need to be logged into your Demodesk account to use the Chrome extension.


The Demodesk Chrome extension allows you to create and manage your Demodesk meetings on your Google calendar. Additionally, you always have the most info on any page at hand.

  1. Schedule out of your Google calendar. Learn more.
  2. Copy your and your team's scheduling links from the sidebar after clicking on the extension in the menu bar. This can be very helpful when you want to include your scheduling links in an email or email automation tool.
  3. Schedule a meeting with only a few clicks from the Chrome extension.


Why does the sidebar not open after clicking on it?

Please check if you are logged into your Demodesk account and restart your browser. The Chrome extension is only being loaded upon site load, so this is required especially right after the installation.

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