Welcome to the new Host Meeting Experience!

The new design provides a simpler user experience through the following meeting experience updates:


Your playbooks are located on the left-hand side of the screen. This helps you structure your meeting by pre-loading all the right slides, websites, apps, and any other content you might need during the call.

You can also change the playbook available at the top or add additional content using the button towards the bottom of the playbook sidebar.


On the top right part of your screen, you will find the sales assistant. Here you can take notes and use your predefined speaker notes to know what to say and when.

Main bar

The bar at the bottom of the viewer allows you to control various aspects of your meeting.

  • Meeting Info: View meeting details including participants, the meeting URL, dial-in number, as well as enabling you to invite other participants

  • Chat: Individually chat with the participants

  • Share: Directly share your screen or a specific website

  • Give control: Allow participants to interact with the shared screen

  • Mic & Audio: Use the icons in the center of the main control bar to mute/unmute or turn your video feed on/off.

  • Ending Meeting: Finished with the meeting? Click this button to stop hosting the meeting.

  • More: In the bottom right-hand corner, you can change the resolution of the shared screen, define your audio and video settings, record the meeting, adjust the viewer layout, and switch into fullscreen mode.

Above the Virtual Screen

  • Navigation: Above the virtual screen in the top left corner, you will find navigation buttons to go back, forward, or reload your browser history.

  • Meeting Link: Easily find your meeting link at the top-center of your virtual screen.

  • Screen Configuration: In the top-right corner, you will be able to magnify the content shown in the meeting and decide whether to show both a playbook slide along with the video feeds, only the video feeds or only the playbook slide view

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