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How to create your own signature in Demodesk
How to create your own signature in Demodesk

Get to know how to customize your email signature

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Finishing an email with a personalized signature always makes a good impression. Demodesk allows you to recreate your signature in the email templates of the Meeting Types.

This article will show you step by step how you can create the signature.

One quick remark in the beginning; as we are using Tokens to insert the personal information, you are free to choose between the personal and team Meeting Types. Meaning once the signature is created, your whole team can send these emails and the information will always be adjusted accordingly.

After that you are ready to start:

  1. Go to your Meeting Type, scroll to the bottom and choose the desired template you want to change

  2. To create a clear cut between the body of your email and the signature, add a grey line right before your signature is going to start

  3. At this point, you can start adding your personal Data. Add Tokens for the information you want to display, our recommendation is to use the following:

    1. Host Name

    2. Host email

    3. Host phone number

    4. Host website

    Tip: The host website will display the information you added in your personal settings under website. We suggest to add your Linkedin profile here.

  4. Lastly you can add your logo as well. You need to click on the insert a picture button in the right bottom, there you can add the link to the picture. Be aware, that only public pictures can be added, not those stored locally on your desktop. To learn about the process of creating and incorporating public images into your signature using Google Drive, check out this article.

    After adding the logo, you can adjust the size. When browsing over the edges of the picture, small arrows will appear. Just click and pull it until it has the desired size.

    If you wish to add an image using a token, you will need to insert it in the following format:

    <img src= "Host image url"/>

  5. Now you are ready to go! This is how your email will look like with the signature:

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