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Route website visitors to the assigned owner in CRM

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It feels unfair when a lead that you have already been working on for a long time signs up via your company's website and is then assigned to one of your colleagues. It also might lead to an additional overhead in case the meeting is handed over to you. To solve these pains, Demodesk offers a "Route to assigned owner"-feature. It makes makes sure your website visitors are routed to the correct owner.

Please note that for the sake of simplicity, we use the term "account (owner)" in this article, which is Salesforce terminology. This feature also works if you use Hubspot or Pipedrive. In these cases, Demodesk will check for company owner (for Hubspot) and organisation owner (for Pipedrive).

Where can I activate Route to Assigned Owner?

Simply go to "Routing forms", select a routing or set up a new route. Scroll down to "Routing rules" and then enable the toggle next to "Route to assigned owner":

Once enabled, the question "What is your email address?" will automatically be added to your routing form. We need the visitor's mail address to check if this person exists in your CRM. That is why you cannot remove this question.

How does Route to assigned owner work?

If "Route to assigned owner" is enabled, Demodesk will first check if your visitor's email address already exists in your CRM. If that is the case, it will check if an account exists for that contact. If yes, Demodesk will only display the availabilities of the account owner in the next step of your routing form. In case the contact has no account assigned, Demodesk will display the contact owner's available time slots. In case we only find a lead, we will display the lead owner's available time slots.

If the contact does not exist in your CRM, Demodesk will check if there are other contacts with the same domain who have the same account assigned. If yes, Demodesk will display the availabilities of the respective account owner in the next step of your routing form.

In case the assigned owner is not available within the selected week, Demodesk will route the demo to the other team members within the respective meeting type. How exactly the meeting is distributed depends on if you have set a fair or a fast lead distribution within your routing settings.

Please note you can only activate this feature if you have connected your CRM with Demodesk.

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