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How to take part in Demodesk's referral program
How to take part in Demodesk's referral program

Do you know anyone who could benefit from Demodesk? Refer someone & get up to €200 in rewards, plus have a chance to win AirPods Pro.

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This article outlines how to participate in Demodesk's referral program, offering the opportunity to earn up to €200 and a chance to win brand-new AirPods Pro. This article is structured as follows:

Option 1: Share your personal referral link

As a Demodesk user, you can navigate to the referral program section to effortlessly share and track the status of your referrals. You can find the referral program page in the top-right section of the dashboard by clicking on your account settings button. The referral program page will be displayed, as shown below.

Once you click on the referral program button, you will see your unique referral link that you can copy & share via your preferred distribution channel, as shown below.

Here are a few ways to share the link:

1. Copy the given URL and send it using your preferred channel.

2. Scan the QR code using your mobile to share the link via messenger or any other mobile channel.

3. Click one of the icons at the bottom to share on social media or via email. You can also copy the invite link to include it in any communication channel you prefer, such as a LinkedIn post or an email to your contacts.

What happens next?

Your referral will schedule an intro call with one of our reps using your link.

❗Note: Demodesk reserves the right to cancel the call if the company is not a good fit for the product. Please reach out to if you would like to check if the company meets our qualification criteria beforehand. As a general rule, a "good fit" is a company with 100-1000 employees located in the European region.

You will be notified once someone views your link, conducts the call, or becomes a customer via the Rewards and Views section, as shown below.

Option 2: Share contact details with us

Instead of directly referring a company to us, you can simply provide us with the contact details of the relevant person. We will take it from there and reach out to the contact person ourselves. As a token of appreciation, we will reward you with a bonus of 100€ once the introductory call is booked. Additionally, you will receive another bonus of 100€ if the referred company becomes a customer.

How does it work?

  1. Write us an email to with the subject "I want to participate in the Demodesk referral program."

  2. Provide us with the contact details (name, title, company, email, phone number)

  3. Our Sales team will get in contact with the referred contact

What happens next?

Our Sales team will contact you if the referred company is a good fit and the introductory call has been successfully scheduled.

How do I claim my reward? 🎁

1. For everyone who attends an introductory call from your referral, you’ll automatically receive €100.

2. On top of that, you will get €100 if the referred company becomes a Demodesk customer.

3. Throughout all referrals in Q4 2023, we will be giving away brand-new AirPods Pro. Be quick to secure your spot in the drawing pool.

Your rewards will be displayed in your referral widget & automatically transferred to your PayPal account.

Have any questions?

If you want to check if a company is a good fit, inquire about the status of your referral(s), or have any other questions about the program, please contact

*For referrals outside of the eurozone, the offer is valid in US dollars. For referrals received from the United Kingdom, the offer is valid in British pounds.

**Your referrals will be considered a “good fit” for Demodesk if they meet our sales qualification criteria. Likewise, your referrals will be considered a “customer” once they’ve officially purchased a Demodesk subscription and signed a contract with us.

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