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Discover the fundamental elements of the Demodesk Scheduling Interface

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This article aims to explain the overall interface of your Demodesk Scheduling account. The aspects that will be referred to are the following:

⚡ Pro Tip: If you're new to Demodesk, take some time to explore all the Demodesk dashboard pages and read through our help center content. This will give you a clearer grasp of how Demodesk works. If you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to contact our support through the chat feature located in the bottom right corner of the dashboard or via

💻 Meetings

Upon accessing the Demodesk dashboard via this link, the main page is displayed as shown below. This page is dedicated to the meetings section, with the default view set to the "My meetings" tab, which displays all meetings scheduled for yourself in the future or past.

If you want to explore meetings from your team members, click on the "All team members" button. To exclusively view meetings that you've scheduled, choose the "Scheduled by me" sub-page. Furthermore, within each of these subsections, you have the option to apply filters to display specific meetings. These filters include date and time, meeting name, meeting type, host, and the ability to conceal canceled meetings.

In general, the main functions you can perform in this section are:

  • Access your and your team members' past and upcoming meetings

  • Click "Schedule meeting" to go to our powerful Demodesk Scheduler where you can schedule meetings for you and your colleagues; find more information here

💬 Meeting Types and Routing

Within this section, you'll be able to create and modify both personal and team-oriented meeting types. For additional details, refer to this article. Moreover, through the Routing forms tab, you have the capability to set up a dynamic routing system that directs website visitors to the most suitable team or representative, enabling them to make instant bookings directly from your website. For more details, please refer to this informative article.

⚡ Pro Tip: Utilize Meeting Types by configuring distinct templates for each type of meeting, allowing for tailored approaches and performance tracking across various call types (e.g., discovery, demo, follow-up).

⚙️ Settings

In the top right corner of the Demodesk dashboard, you can find the settings (indicated by the red highlight below). Clicking on it grants access to your personal settings, along with the ability to view your integrations, contact support, and log out of your account.

⚠️ Important: When beginning your journey with Demodesk, ensure that you've successfully connected all essential integrations, like your calendar, CRM, and conferencing tool of choice to fully leverage your Demodesk Journey.

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