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All about Recording Bookmarks
All about Recording Bookmarks

Make sure your most important recordings are not getting lost and that you have them always by hand for sales coaching and onboarding.

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Why is this important?

  • Search Frustration: Tired of endless scrolling to find that perfect sales pitch recording? Bookmark and filter for easy, instant access to your most impactful recordings.

  • Missed Promotion: Struggling to spotlight standout sales calls for team learning? Our Bookmark Feature makes it easy to flag and share top-performing recordings.

  • Keep your data safe: Bookmarked recordings never expire and ensure your best teaching moments are preserved forever.

How to manage bookmarks

How to (un-)bookmark a recording?

Navigate to the recordings tab and select a recording to watch. Then, you can bookmark it by clicking the "Bookmark" button. You can (un-)bookmark it by clicking the same button again.

Only admins can (un-)bookmarked recordings, and they are bookmarked for the whole company. Bookmarked recordings never expire. You can observe in the timeline the history of who (un-)bookmarked a recording and when. Please note bookmarked recordings do not expire. Recordings that are not bookmarked will adhere to the retention settings you have specified here.

When to bookmark recordings?

Typically, it makes sense to bookmark recordings if they include general knowledge that does not get outdated quickly (e.g., internal training session) and best practices observed in sales conversations (e.g., great objection handling) that can be facilitated for onboarding and sales coaching.

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