If you want to capture certain information about your prospects in your Demodesk booking forms, you can do that:

First of all, create the Template you want to use for your meetings. If you want more information on Templates in general and how to best create them, please read our Getting Started guide: https://intercom.help/demodeskcom/getting-started/first-steps/getting-started-in-demodesk

In the Booking link section you will find an option for questions your prospects have to answer before they can book an appointment with you.

In this example, we're asking for first name, last name, email address and the number of employees. If you now want to address you customers in your email invitation with "Hello [first name]", you can do that:

Instead of taking a token from the "Insert token" menu, simply put "Hello {{first_name}}", using the exact same wording of your booking question but all in lower case and with substituting the spaces with underlines.

In this example the questions would become the following tokens:

  • First Name - first_name
  • Last Name - last_name
  • Number of employees - number_of_employees

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