If you connect your Salesforce Account with Demodesk you ensure your customer interactions are logged, meeting notes are available and visible to you and your team, and you generally increase the data quality within your organization.

Capabilities of the Demodesk Salesforce Integration:

  • Schedule Demodesk Meetings via Salesforce.

  • Meeting, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Accounts can be created automatically.

  • Call notes, the attendee list, the meeting status (held/no show), and the more relevant meeting data can be synced to Salesforce via System Tokens.

  • Tokens can be connected with Salesforce fields. Thus you can automatically sync the answers to booking questions to properties on all standard objects (Opportunity, Account, Contact, Lead, Event) in Salesforce. Moreover, you to check and update Salesforce fields directly during your meeting.

Things you need to consider:

  • Make sure you use the same email address for Salesforce, Demodesk, and your Google or Outlook account.

  • Salesforce integration requires a Salesforce Enterprise Lightning account or higher.

  • Make sure every user has permission to update/ create the Salesforce fields you connect the Demodesk Tokens with.

  • Salesforce sandbox accounts are not supported.

How it works:

  • Every Demodesk user needs to connect his Salesforce account separately.

  • You can integrate your Salesforce account in the settings section. Just click on connect and you will be guided through the process of signing in.

  • Set up your integration settings based on your needs. You can decide whether Demodesk is allowed to create Leads, Contacts or Events and where they should be related to.

  • Create custom tokens to connect them to booking questions and use them in your playbooks.

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