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How to install and manage the integration for HubSpot
How to install and manage the integration for HubSpot

An overview of the integration settings in Demodesk for defining the interactions with HubSpot.

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In this article, in-depth information on defining the interactions with HubSpot is provided. In general, this HubSpot sync feature is accessible to users with Scheduling and Business licenses. Please note that this article is specifically intended for admins - as they have the ability to configure this integration. The following are the sections of this article:


Before you begin...ensure that you are:

  • An admin in Demodesk

  • An admin in HubSpot

  • You use the same email address for HubSpot and Demodesk

  1. Visit your Connections page.

  2. Scroll down to the CRM section

  3. Click Connect HubSpot to authenticate and connect.

  4. Congratulations! 🎉
    Your connection is now activated for your company. All users' activities are now automatically synced with HubSpot as per your settings (see further below).

Integration settings

Your integration settings in Demodesk define how Demodesk interacts with HubSpot for the whole company. In essence, you can control whether Demodesk should create the following objects and their properties:

  • Meetings

  • Deals

  • Companies

Create meetings

Set if meetings should be created in HubSpot

  • Demodesk creates meeting in HubSpot: Select this option if your calendar is not directly synced with your CRM.

  • Demodesk only updates meetings in HubSpot: Select this option if your calendar and HubSpot are synced directly. Demodesk will look for the meeting in HubSpot and only update it. If the meeting is not found, then we will throw an error after a day of trying to update the meeting in the integration logs.

If you have duplicate meetings in HubSpot then this is due to HubSpot's calendar sync. Select the option "Demodesk only updates meetings in HubSpot".

Create deals

To create HubSpot deals via Demodesk automatically, you need to set a Pipeline and a Stage. These values are needed in order to create the object in HubSpot. You can specify the default values in the integration settings.

Create companies

There is no option for prevention of company duplicates because there is no matching logic. Demodesk only checks if the existing contact has an associated company to it. If that is the case, Demodesk does not make any changes. In case there is no associated company, Demodesk creates a new company.

Default connections

By default, we connect some system tokens in Demodesk to standard fields in HubSpot (see below for more details).

Token in Demodesk

Property in HubSpot

Guest first name

First name (Contact)

Guest last name

Last name (Contact)

Guest company name

Name (Company)

Meeting name

Title (Meeting)

Meeting date time

Start time (Meeting)

Meeting participants

Attendees (Meeting)

Meeting duration (scheduled)

Duration (Meeting)

Meeting status

Outcome (Meeting)

After scheduling: Booker, Meeting status, Event type, Playbook, Meeting link

After the meeting: Meeting notes

Attendee description (Meeting)

Canceled meetings

When do you need it...if you have HubSpot's calendar sync active.

Before you begin...this feature needs to be activated for you. Please inform your account manager to enable it for you.

  1. If a meeting is canceled in Demodesk, it is deleted from the calendar (for Google & Outlook). If the sync between the calendar and HubSpot is enabled, the meeting will also be deleted in HubSpot. This prevents tracking/reporting on canceled meetings in HubSpot.

  2. To solve this, we have implemented a feature that doesn’t remove canceled meetings from Google Calendar. The following will happen:

    1. The meeting is canceled in Demodesk

    2. We add “Canceled: “ to the meeting title

    3. All participants are set to “not going” in the calendar → the meeting stays in the calendar, but appears as canceled (cross-through)

    4. The meeting stays in HubSpot; we update the meeting status to “Canceled”

Note: If the meeting is deleted in the calendar, the sync between the calendar and HubSpot will also delete it in HubSpot. This is out of our control.

In case you need to reschedule after the meeting is canceled, we can still ensure the sync:

  • Reschedule in Demodesk

  • Host response is set to “going”, participants are set to “no response” (meeting is not crossed-through anymore)

  • In HubSpot, we update the meeting status to “Scheduled”


Q: I cannot connect with HubSpot

Answer (expand)

Please ensure you have the following permissions:

  • Only one user (Demodesk admin) connects with HubSpot.

  • They must have super admin rights on HubSpot, which means:

    • Marketplace permissions
      Contact permissions
      Create timeline events permissions
      Edit property settings.

Q: I have multiple CRMs connected, is that a problem?

Answer (expand)

Overall, no. There are specific cases that may require review. E.g. the prioritisation of CRMs when you are using Demodesk Routing Forms with Route to assigned owner enabled. By default, HubSpot will be prioritised. Please reach out to Demodesk support to learn more about your options to circumvent this.

Q: A HubSpot meeting is not created.

Answer (expand)

Look for the meeting and the host in the integration settings here. It will tell you all the activities we do on your CRM and why actions may fail. If meetings are not created then typically this is due to active meeting duplication prevention. See here for more details.

Q: I have meeting duplicates in the CRM.

Answer (expand)

This usually happens when you have HubSpot's calendar sync active. Then both Demodesk and HubSpot's calendar sync create meetings. The solution is the CRM integration setting “Duplicate Meeting prevention” in the integration settings.

Otherwise, you may choose to turn the HubSpot calendar sync off. Note that doing so will impact all events in HubSpot, not only Calendly events.

Q: The meeting could not be updated in HubSpot.

Answer (expand)

HubSpot engagement X was stored for Y but could no longer be found

This means that previously we had a HS meeting ID saved, but the meeting in HS doesn’t exist anymore bcs it got deleted manually.

Q: Why is my canceled meeting not in HubSpot?

Answer (expand)

If a meeting is canceled, it is deleted from the calendar. If the sync between the calendar and HubSpot is enabled, the meeting will also be deleted in HubSpot. This might impact reporting on canceled meetings. We have a custom solution for this that you can find out more about here.

Q: The participant was not created as a contact in HS (nor updated).

Answer (expand)

Create contact is disabled in the integration settings. If you have disabled the creation of the new Contact in the integration settings which can be found here, new Contact will not be created using any of the scheduling methods. As well as if it is not enabled then the deal and company cannot be updated.

💡 Important note: If you have more than one CRM connected, you will now be able to choose which CRM you want to connect to a token.

Please note, that this only applies, when you have multiple CRM's (HubSpot/ Pipedrive/ Salesforce) connected.

Q: I do not want to use the company-level integration for HubSpot. What can I do?

Answer (expand)

Ask Demodesk support to enable the user-level integration.
With this integration active we will use the HubSpot account from every Demodesk user to sync activities to HubSpot giving you more visibility on who is doing which action.

  1. Please ensure that you use the same e-mail address in HubSpot that you do in Demodesk

  2. Note that every user needs super admin rights to connect to HubSpot. Afterward, the following permissions are sufficient:

    1. marketplace permissions,

    2. contact permissions,

    3. create timeline events permissions,

    4. edit property settings

  3. Click on connect here.

  4. HubSpot will open in the same tab, and you must give permissions there. They will redirect you back to Demodesk afterward.

  5. Congratulations, Your connection is now active.
    Please note that every user needs to connect their HubSpot integration in the same way.

Q: How can I uninstall the Demodesk integration for HubSpot?

Answer (expand)

First, you can disconnect your HubSpot connection in the Demodesk settings page.

Then, you also need to uninstall it in the HubSpot settings.

Disconnecting and uninstalling Demodesk will not influence existing HubSpot accounts and data. It means any newly scheduled meeting or any update to existing meetings will not be sent to HubSpot anymore.

Q: Why are some meetings getting deleted and re-created in HS?

Answer (expand)

Typically, Demodesk recreates a meeting primarily in three scenarios:

  1. When a meeting is handed over

  2. When a new participant is added to a meeting, whether through backsync or within the Demodesk dashboard

  3. When there are updates to the contact information of participants (in the CRM), such as email changes or the removal of a contact.

In such cases, Demodesk recreates the meeting to ensure that it accurately reflects the updated contact and meeting details in your CRM.

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