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Introducing the integration for HubSpot
Introducing the integration for HubSpot

Increase your data quality and track all customer conversations with the Demodesk integration for HubSpot.

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On Demodesk, you can sync countless information, including meeting outcomes, with HubSpot through our integration. This feature is accessible to users with Scheduling or Business licenses. Please note that this article is specifically intended for admins - as they have the ability to configure this integration. In this article, we provide in-depth information on the following aspects:


Demodesk's integration for HubSpot can automatically create or update HubSpot contacts, companies, deals, and activities as meetings are scheduled and conducted, so you can keep your CRM up-to-date with ease.


  • Schedule meetings out of HubSpot including their contact data for personalized emails and reminders.

  • Every meeting scheduled with Demodesk is created in HubSpot as an activity.

  • Meeting notes, attendee list, meeting status (held/no show), and recording link will be added to the HubSpot activity out of the box.

  • Contacts, deals, and/or companies can be created and updated automatically with every customer interaction.

  • Update any field on contacts, companies, activities and/or deals in HubSpot through Demodesk. Moreover, you can review and update HubSpot properties directly during your meeting.


When a Demodesk meeting is scheduled or conducted, HubSpot will:

  • Create, update, and read contacts

  • Create, update, and read companies

  • Create, update, and read deals

  • Create, update, and read activities

Default behaviour

The integration has the following default behaviour:


  • When a meeting is scheduled, HubSpot will search for the Demodesk invitee's email in HubSpot.

  • If HubSpot does not find a matching contact, then HubSpot will create a new contact, using the Demodesk invitee's name and email.

  • If HubSpot finds a matching contact, HubSpot will update their contact properties, but not the contact owner.

When a new contact is created, these fields will be populated automatically if available:

  • Guest email

  • Guest first name

  • Guest last name

  • Guest company name

  • Guest phone number


When a new meeting is scheduled, a new engagement will be created with the following:

  • Type: Meeting

  • Meeting Name

  • Contact

  • Start Time

  • Meeting Duration

  • Attendee count

  • Meeting Outcome

  • Internal meeting notes

    • Booker name

    • Host name

    • Meeting outcome

    • Meeting Type

    • Meeting Playbook

    • Meeting Link

Making changes to meetings:

When a meeting is canceled or rescheduled by either party, the engagement will be updated, and everyone will be notified.

Next steps

  1. Connect your HubSpot Account to Demodesk. Refer to the article How to manage the integration settings for HubSpot for additional information and assistance.

  2. Map Demodesk custom tokens to HubSpot fields.

  3. Set up Demodesk custom booking questions and answers (incl. tokens).

  4. Use HubSpot fields in your playbooks for access during your meetings.

  5. Learn more about how scheduling out of HubSpot works.

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