Implementing custom Tokens

If you need special Tokens in your Booking form, speaker notes, and Email confirmation, you can easily implement them in Demodesk

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This article is outdated, please refer to the updated version:

If you want to capture certain information about your prospects in your Demodesk booking forms or in the speaker notes, you can do that:

Navigate to the Token Menu to start working on your custom tokens in Demodesk.
Here, you will have an overview of all System Tokens in Demodesk as well as a specific page for your custom tokens.

To create a new custom Token, simply click on new Token, give it a name and slug, a description and define the format.
Slugs are important for Salesforce as well as for the preview in your email text. 

If you want to sync the information of this Token to Salesforce, click on + Add integration and specify the API name of the respective CRM field. Demodesk supports multiple connections at the same time, allowing you to sync information from one Token to multiple CRM objects and fields (e.g., Salesforce, Pipedrive or Hubspot).

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