With the following links and parameters you can trigger the scheduling of a Demodesk meeting from various other apps. Open the Demodesk scheduling for team page: https://demodesk.com/manage/schedule

The available parameters in your URL are:

  • account - this equals our {{demo_account}} token

  • type - this sets the Playbook

  • name - this equals our {{customer_name}} token

  • email - this equals our {{customer_email}} token

  • host - this equals our {{user_email}} token

  • template - this sets the Meeting Type

These parameters can be filled with information via the URL to help your team with scheduling meetings more quickly. One use case is our Salesforce integration.
If we were to exemplarily schedule a quick call with Carl Customer from Customer Inc. with Wilhelm Bacher from Demodesk, the Link would look as follows:

E.g. https://demodesk.com/manage/schedule?account=Customer%20Inc.&template=quick-call&name=Carl%20Customer&email=Carl%40customer.com&host=wilhelm%40demodesk.com

Meeting Types

The basic link always starts with https://demodesk.com/manage/schedule? to trigger our scheduling window.
Then, the first thing you can add is information on which Meeting Type should be used in the meeting. Our example:

  • template = quick-call

Customer information

Sets the name of the customer, the company name and the email of the customer.
Our example:

Host information

Sets the host of the meeting (if available on the Meeting Type).
Our example:

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