With the Get a Demo App, your visitors can request to book a demo with you right from your Messenger home - and you can qualify them at the same time.

When a visitor requests a demo, you can choose up to three qualification questions for them to answer before they can complete the request. This will allow your sales team to identify and follow up with quality leads who request a demo.

Follow these 5 steps or refer to this article for setting up your app:

  1. Once installed, go to the app’s settings to set it up

  2. Next, add a title, description and call-to-action text to your app

  3. Then, you can set up to three pieces of qualification data you’d like to ask your visitors for

  4. Next, add a confirmation message that users will see once they've finished adding their qualification data and add the Demodesk booking link to allow visitors to book a meeting directly in your calendar

  5. Finally, add the app to your Messenger home and decide if it will be for leads or users.

This is how it will look like in your Messanger home:

Note: Email is a mandatory qualification field, so that you can contact leads after they’ve requested a demo. You can choose from standard or custom data.

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