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Intercom allows you to build up your relationship with your the customers

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Use Intercom to support your customers whenever and wherever they need it. Demodesk offers multiple ways to integrate Intercom for personalized & proactive support and always have everything on hand to support your client the best way possible.

There are two different ways to use Intercom with Demodesk. First, externally to automatically give the customer the opportunity to choose their meetings. Second, you can use it internally to be well-prepared when helping your customer via the chat function.

How to let my customers book meetings

There are multiple situations where the customer could want to hop on a meeting with you. Let me show you the possibilities of never letting your customer be lost without help.

  1. Invite your customer to Instant meetings via macros.

    Macros are pre-saved replies on Intercom, which allow you to respond even faster to your clients. These saved replies can include the Lobby Link of your team and thus will enable the customer to jump on a meeting with one of your team members when urgent help is needed.

  2. Add booking links to your bots.

    Intercom allows you to build custom bots to automate and speed up the conversation with your customers. Here is one example of how you can work with booking links in bots:

    1. Build a custom bot to filter the customer's problem.

    2. Add the booking link for the respective problem to the end.

    3. There you go: the customer can book the right meeting, and you don't need to waste your time arranging it!

  3. Use the Get a Demo app from Intercom to let your customer request a Demo

    Intercom itself offers a lot of integrations; the Get a Demo app allows your customer to request a meeting right away without having to start a conversation. The visitor will need to answer up to three qualification questions to finish the request. Afterward, the Demodesk booking page will be shown, and the visitor can choose an available time slot.

How to use Intercom internally

Another app mentioned above from Intercom is the Quick Links app. Quick Links lets you quickly check details in your database, billing system, or another tool you use while chatting with your customer!

To connect these Quick Links with Demodesk, click on customize and add a Demodesk booking link.

Tip: Add query parameters to the booking link to predetermine yourself as host and the customer as a participant. Thus you can directly book a meeting for your customer whenever more support is needed.

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