Our booking links enable your prospects and customers to easily book meetings by themselves. You can create booking links for yourself only or for up to two team members. This ensures that both of them are available.

The procedure is the same, whether you work with an additional team member or not.

When generating a custom booking link, Demodesk allows you to select a second team member, this feature is often used with team members of different groups within the company (e.g. Sales & Customer Success, Business Development & Sales).

Team booking links avoid the manual back and forth between you, your team members, and your prospects.

There are two ways to work with the booking links:

  1. To use this feature, use our wizard to auto-generate the custom booking link.

    You can quickly create booking links when you are at the Meeting Types page.

    • Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of a Meeting Type

    • Go to generate custom booking link

    • Select your Host. You can generate a custom booking link with up to two team members.

    • Copy the booking link and you are ready to go!

  2. Alternatively, you can adjust the booking link manually. Here is what you need to consider:

    • To specify the host and the team member in the URL, add the following parameters:

      • preselectedHost={{host_email_address}}

      • teamMembers={{team_member_email_address}}

    • Attention: Don't forget the question mark ( ? ) before the first and the ampersand ( & ) sign before following parameters.

    • If you want to change the host after the meeting has been scheduled, just hand over the meeting from the Meeting dashboard.


Depending on what you chose, the booking page will show your time availabilities or yours and your team members. Along the booking process, your prospect and customer will see that they schedule a meeting with several team members.

The booking confirmation will be sent to both team members, it also indicates who will be the host of the meeting. Equally, a rescheduling notification will be sent to both team members, in case the meeting is rescheduled by the guest.

How to create tandem booking links

To take into account the availabilities of both you and a team member for when e.g. a Sales Rep and an Account Executive would both like to be in the call, you can create a tandem booking link.

Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the meeting type card > Create Custom booking link > select Host > select second team member:

Adding this booking page to your Playbook will help you to secure the next meeting. Make sure to prepare everything so you can become a pro!

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