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The chrome extension is your hub for accessing your booking links, scheduling meetings, starting instant meetings, and linking to your Demodesk settings.

How to install the extension

  1. You can install the extension through the Chrome App store here.

  2. After installing, click on the puzzle icon and on the pin icon to pin it to your top bar.

  3. Now you can use it by clicking directly on the Demodesk icon and accessing all your booking links

How to use the extension

The extension allows you to cover three of the most common use cases when scheduling meetings:

Access booking links

The extension shows all your team and personal booking links. By opening a group and selecting a Meeting type you get quick access to all the associated booking links. Either you can copy a team booking link which then will take a host based on the round-robin logic or you select a booking link for a specific host. You can just copy the link by clicking on it. More about booking links here.

Also, you can generate custom booking links to add teammates to a potential meeting. More details here.

If you want to schedule a meeting for a colleague then you can just search for it using the search field. It will show you all results where the keyword is included in the Meeting type name or in the assigned people.

Booking Links that you use regularly will show up in the recent link list and are limited to three links. This way you always have your most commonly used booking links at the ready.

Start instant meeting

By clicking "Start meeting" you can start an instant meeting that uses your default Meeting type. How to set your default Meeting type see here.

Schedule a meeting

By clicking "Schedule" you get redirected to the scheduling dashboard to schedule a meeting quickly. See here for more details.

How to use the extension inside of the Google calendar

Schedule a new meeting with Demodesk

With the extension, you can choose what kind of a Meeting type should be associated with the meeting. Your default Meeting type will be pre-selected.

Manage your Demodesk meetings directly in your Google calendar

As a host

When you click on a calendar event in your Google calendar you will now see three different areas:

  • The main button that allows you to start or join your meeting depending if the meeting is 5 mins before scheduled start time or not.

  • A summary of what kind of meeting type is used and which playbook will be used that you can prepare and customize.

  • The three dots allow you to manage your meeting such as copying the meeting link, handing it over to a colleague, adding shadow participants, and managing the chrome extension settings.

As a participant

When a meeting was scheduled with Demodesk and is in the calendar of your colleagues then you will be able to plan to shadow it or shadow it live. Also, you will see which meeting type and playbook are being used so that you get the necessary context to understand if it is worth shadowing.


My extension is not opening

Please try refreshing your tab or restarting your browser.

I see two add demodesk meeting buttons in google calendar

Please try refreshing your tab or restarting your browser

Do we send out reminders?
Yes, we do it based on the selected Meeting type. It is still personalized to the first external participant (defined as someone that is not a user of your Demodesk company).

For any other issues please get in touch with

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