In Demodesk, you can handover a meeting to another coworker:

  1. Go to Meetings.

  2. Click on the three buttons on the right and select Handover to colleague.

  3. Select the new Host.

  4. Optional: You can change the title and the description of the calendar entry.

After the handover, the meeting will not block the timeslot in your Demodesk Calendar anymore. Instead, it will block the equivalent timeslot of your coworker.

Moreover, your coworker receives a handover notification email.

Please Note: The initial host shouldn't delete the meeting in his/her Google Calendar since this would cancel it for all participants.

Handover a meeting while working with lobby links

When you work with lobby links, be aware of the following; normally you can find the meeting link not only in the location but also in the description of the meeting in your calendar.

When you now hand over a meeting, the location will be adjusted automatically, but not the description!

You have to possibilities to avoid that:

  1. Change the link in the description to the Token host lobby link, if you need more information about how to use Tokens in Demodesk, take a look here.

  2. Do not use the link in the description, as mentioned before, the participant can also find the updated link in the location of the meeting.

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