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Google Meet integration
Google Meet integration

Schedule meetings that happen on Google Meet with Demodesk

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Now you can use the Demodesk capabilities with your favorite video conferencing product. All you need is a Google account.

  1. Connect your Google account in settings

  2. In the section video conferencing, you will notice that Google Meet will be connected automatically.

  3. Update your meeting types to use Google Meet as the meeting location. Then every meeting will include the conference details from Google Meet.

Meeting status Tracking

Every user with the Demodesk Chrome Extension installed and logged in sends the meeting status automatically to your CRM if the meeting was booked through the scheduler, the customer booking page, the routing form, or an iFrame.

Potential meeting statuses are:

  • No-show: No participant showed up

  • Held: We detected at least 2 participants in the meeting

  • Canceled: The meeting was cancelled or all participants declined.

  • Scheduled: The meeting start time is in the future.

  • Unknown: The host did not have the chrome extension installed or was not logged in.


My calendar events do not include Google meet details
Then your Google workspace admin has disabled Google meet for your account. Please let them know to activate it for you. See more here.

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