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Make Demodesk the default option for your sales teams

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Please note this article is about the Demodesk Chrome Workspace add-on and not the extension. Go here for the Demodesk Chrome Extension.

The Google workspace add-on allows you to set Demodesk as the video conferencing solution for your meetings. Once you install it for your organization everyone who has an account can access it.


  • Schedule a meeting: Redirect to the scheduling dashboard

  • Start instant meeting: Opens a new meeting in a new tab

  • Select Demodesk: Select Demodesk as a video conference in the video conference selector

  • Easy joining: Participant can join your lobby link easily. So you can always decide when you want to let them into the meeting. Direct links are not supported.

Installation guide

The Demodesk Google Workspace can be installed on a user or organizational level. Therefore it covers multiple use cases:

  • Admin - Ensure consistent sales meetings by making Demodesk a default.
    A workspace admins can install the app for all or certain users in their organization. They can also set the preferred video conferencing solution for the organization.

    1. In the Google Admin console dashboard, verify that Google Meet is off for everyone.

    2. From the Google Admin console dashboard, go to Apps > Google Workspace > Calendar.

    3. Click Sharing settings, then click Video conferencing.

    4. Select the check box next to Automatically add video calls to events users create.

    5. Click Save.

  • User - Make Demodesk your favorite: A user can set Demodesk as their preferred video conferencing solution. Please have a look here for more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I set the meeting type for the meeting?
A: The Chrome workspace add-in takes the default meeting type of the user. It is not supported yet to select a specific meeting type.

Q: Why is no default text added when I schedule a meeting with the workspace add-on?
A: This functionality is currently not supported. If you want rely on it then please install the Demodesk Chrome Browser extension.

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