To use the Demodesk scheduling and automation features, you need to connect your Google calendar and email account to Demodesk.

Connecting these accounts will be the basis for most of our features to automate your processes and save time.

Demodesk will send all email and calendar invitations in your name and via your connected email address, always maintaining a professional image towards your customers.

All sent invitations will show up in your "Sent objects" folder, proving that we really use your email address to send out emails, calendar invitations, and reminders.
We do not track your other emails or calendar items, to learn more, please read our privacy policy.

This connection is helpful for several reasons; here are the most important things you need to know.

How can I schedule out of my Google calendar?

The Demodesk Chrome extension allows you to schedule out of Google Calendar and always have the most essential Demodesk functionalities on hand.

When adding an event to your Google calendar, simply click on Add Demodesk meeting, and your personal lobby link will already be added to the invite. The description on how to join the meeting will also be filled in automatically.

How can I schedule out of my Google Suite?

This feature makes it super easy for you to add your most frequently used booking links to emails. Just click on the Demodesk icon next to the Send button, and always have your booking link ready.

How can I prepare and automate my presentations with Google Slides?

First, make sure that you have connected your Google Drive.

Then, when preparing a presentation within your Drive, ensure that the shared link for the presentation allows public access, so it says Anyone on the internet with this link can edit:

When the presentation you are adding is not shared with "Anyone with the link", then you will receive the following message.

If you prepared a Presentation before and just want to go over the Slides, click on Add in the top left corner and insert the link under the Google Slides section. This can be done in the Playbook itself and during a meeting.

The Google connection also allows you to duplicate and customize your presentations with Tokens, such that some information will be filled in automatically when you start the meeting.

You just need to preload your presentation in your Playbook before you schedule your meeting. Then, when you edit the presentation in Google Slides, you can add Tokens ( {{ slug }} ). This helps you save time when preparing your meeting, as you can always be sure to have a presentation on hand where the correct information is filled in automatically. We recommend having a more detailed look at how this feature works here.

How can I open and edit my presentation during a meeting?

If you want to engage your participants during a meeting, you can use any prepared presentation. Follow this simple list of steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged into GSuite inside the meeting, or use a link that has link sharing activated.

  2. Add the link as a Website (instead of a Google Slide). This will open the presentation in edit mode rather than presentation mode.

  3. Enable control sharing for participants, so make sure a green arrow appears next to their name in the participant's list.

How can I reconnect Google and disconnect Google Meet?

  1. In Demodesk, go to and disconnect your Google Account.

2) Go to your Google Account settings by following this link: --> Make sure to stay logged in to the correct Google account when entering this page!

Once there, remove access for Demodesk

3) Back in Demodesk, go to
and reconnect your Google account.

That's it! If you're still facing any trouble, please don't hesitate to contact support via our integrated chat tool.

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