Our Playbooks provide a standardized structure for meetings with your customers, so you always have the right content at the beginning of each. But we also understand that you want to add a personal touch to your meetings and presentations (without messing up the original Google Slides presentation). Please be aware that this is a feature for Business Plan users only.

Duplicate presentations from Google Slides

Allowing to "Duplicate in Google Drive" solves this challenge. This is how it works

  1. Allows access to your Google Drive (Settings > Integrations > Connections > Google Drive)

  2. In the Playbook, upload the (parent) Google Slide

  3. Click on Manage presentation, and toggle on Duplicate in Google Drive

  4. Schedule a meeting with this playbook

  5. Allow customizing this meeting's playbook by clicking on Edit meeting, going to the Playbooks tab, and selecting save as... customize

  6. Switch to Google Drive and edit the Presentation

  7. Make sure the presentation is stored in a shared folder; all users need to have access to the drive and slides

  8. Once you are done, select the (parent) Google Slide in the Playbook side, click on Manage presentation and Reload from Google


The parent Gslide can have restricted permissions- so that team members do not accidentally edit it- while the duplicates can live in a folder with more relaxed access, e.g. anyone within organisation can edit. You can edit the permissions of the duplicates by:

  1. Scheduling a meeting on Demodesk with the intended Playbook

  2. Go to your Dashboard > find your meeting > click 'Prepare' > click Reload from Google

  3. Go to your Google Drive > click on folder with the duplicate > click Manage Access

It will look like this:

Folder A
-- 📃 Parent Slides (this is the parent slides document)
-- 📁 Parent Slides (this is the folder for the duplicates)

The folder "Parent Slides" will be created by Demodesk automatically the first time a duplicate is being created.

You can then customize the presentation for your prospect or customer in Google Drive without editing the parent playbook.

When scheduling or starting a new meeting with a playbook with the setting Duplicate in Google Drive enabled, we will create a copy of the Google Slides presentation in a folder with the same name in your Google Drive in the folder of the parent slide. Duplicates live in the same folder with the timestamp in front of the name.

Make sure to always Reload from Google before or when starting the meeting.

When is a duplication triggered?

We always provide automated duplications, to make sure everything is well set up for your meeting. Meaning, the duplication is not only triggered manually when you edit the playbook but also:

  1. When you choose the Playbook in the beginning to create the appointment,

  2. When you start the meeting,

  3. and 24 hours before the meeting starts.

Fill in information automatically with Tokens

Tokens can help you to further customize your presentations. Just add them to your Google Slide and when reloading your Playbook, they will insert information automatically from your CRM System or from the answers of a booking question. Be aware of the following points:

  1. The Google Slides need to be preloaded in the Playbook already before scheduling the meeting. No worries, you can still make changes to it later, when editing the scheduled meeting. Make sure to to toggle on Duplicate in Google Drive.

  2. When editing the presentation in your Google Drive, don't forget the brackets and one space around your slug ( {{ slug }} ). You can find an overview of the most common Tokens here.

  3. When editing the presentation during the meeting, simply go to the sidebar and click on the three dots on the according slide. Choose Edit in Google and your Google Drive will open automatically. After you finished, just click on Reload from Google in your sidebar again.

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