Make the most of our Demodesk features to completely adjust your meetings to your needs. This article will show you how to optimally prepare your meetings and adjust your Slides before and within the demo!

At Demodesk, the core of the meeting is the Playbook, hence we will focus mainly on it in this article. Playbooks work as a template or script for your Demodesk meeting, they will help you to keep a clear structure and never lose track.

Make sure to be familiar with the usage of Playbooks before reading this article, as this one is meant to be an on-top best practice article.

Okay, now we are good to go, let me quickly give you an overview of this article:

How to prepare your Playbook

Your team might have already prepared team playbooks for you, however, if you need to use your own Playbooks, simply click on Create Playbook and build your own!

To follow a more detailed explanation, take a look here.

How to edit your Playbook before the meeting

Demodesk allows you to adjust the Playbook right before the meeting without changing the original Parent-Playbook. You just need to follow some easy steps to do so:

  • Go to your upcoming meetings

  • Click on the three dots on the right, choose edit

  • Choose Playbook at the top, right under the meetings name

  • Click on customize

  • Make your changes

  • The new version will now be saved as customized

How to use Google Slides in your Playbook

While we provide standardized Playbooks, there might occur a situation, where you need to use Google slides to customize your presentation. No Problem, that can easily be done with Demodesk as well, just check your settings. For a more detailed description of how to find the right settings, take a look at this article.

When everything is set up, you can customize your presentation to your customer. That means the usage of Tokens will ensure, that specific information will automatically be adjusted to your guest.

How to update your Playbook in the meeting

Imagine being in a rush and not being able to give your presentation the last final touch before your meeting. Situations like are no reason to become nervous anymore,

Demodesk allows you to update the Playbook within the meeting!

  • Edit the Playbook: Add an item during the meeting by clicking on add content at the bottom of the left sidebar. Use simple drag and drop to change the order of your items.

  • Change the Playbook: Change the whole Playbook at the top of your sidebar and choose a different Playbook. Make sure to change it in a camera-only layout, then the customer won't notice anything.

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