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Round robin assignment logic in Demodesk
Round robin assignment logic in Demodesk

Use round robin events to increase your team's flexibility by allowing invitees to choose a time with any available team member

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With our round robin, you can combine the availability of multiple team members in one scheduling page. When an invitee selects your round robin event, all they need to do is pick a day and a time that works for them. The event will thus be assigned randomly to a team member who is available at the time.

These events are perfect for:

  • Connecting leads with sales reps for intro calls and demos

  • Connecting new customers with the client services team for onboarding and training

  • Connecting existing customers with a member of the support team

  • Connecting candidates with recruiters for phone screenings

How to set up a round robin Meeting type

Within your Meeting type, you will be able to select your preferred option: strict or flexible round robin.

Logic explained

The booker selects an available time slot, and the algorithm makes all the magic happen. Here is how it works:

  • The algorithm checks which of your team members is available then, team members count as available, if:

    • they do not have any meetings at that specific time

    • their daily demo limit is not exceeded

    • their scheduling limit for that day and particular Meeting type is not exceeded

    • their weight is not equal to zero (more about that later)

  • It thus counts how many meetings each rep has in that week with the selected Meeting type. The week starts Monday 00:00 and ends Sunday 24:00.

  • It then calculates the coefficient for every user. The formula (k = demosCount / weight) divides the amount of already scheduled meetings with a weight specified for each user in the matrix (you can find an example below).

  • Finally, the user with the minimum value gets the meeting. If two have the same value, we choose randomly.


In this case, Mark will get the meeting because Alice does not count due to her weight.

What is the difference between strict and flexible round robin?

If you wish to allow your Bookers (team members) to choose the meeting host, the flexible round robin is what you are looking for. All you have to do is select that option in the related Meeting type. With flexible round robin, you have the flexibility as a booker to choose the best host according to the meeting's topic. For example, you can book for a sales team member that represents different regions when scheduling with a new client.

Does round robin allow leads to choose the host?

No, the contrast between strict and flexible round robin pertains solely to the internal scheduling process within the Demodesk Scheduler. When opting for flexible booking, you have the freedom to designate a team member as the host. Conversely, in the case of strict round robin, this option is not available. Importantly, external parties such as customers or prospects utilising the booking link are unable to directly choose the host for their meetings, regardless of the chosen method. You can, however, use routing forms to enable host selection.

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