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How to hand over a meeting to a coworker
How to hand over a meeting to a coworker

Discover Demodesk's automatic host recommendation for a seamless meeting handover experience.

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In Demodesk, you can hand over a meeting to a coworker. They will then become the host of the meeting.

  • Users can hand over their own meetings or the ones they scheduled

  • Admins can hand over all meetings

This is how it works

  1. Go to Meetings

  2. Click on the three buttons on the right and select Hand over to colleague

  3. Select the New meeting host

  4. Optional: Update the title and the description of the calendar event via Edit. The calendar event (i.e. title, location, description) will be updated with the new host's information where host tokens are used.

You can also hand over running meetings from your colleagues, just go to All team members, Current meetings:

In order to save you some time, we recommend a new host based on your meeting type settings and your team's availability. This recommendation follows our Round Robin assignment logic. You can always choose a different teammate.

In the teammates dropdown we show:

  • which teammates are available and not available at the respective time

  • why teammates are not available (you can see the meeting name and whether it is a personal blocker, an internal meeting or an external meeting)

You can overbook your teammates' calendars. Demodesk will show an overbooking warning in this case.

Once the handover is complete, the meeting will be removed from your Google calendar, freeing up the respective time slot. Simultaneously, the equivalent time slot on your coworker's calendar will be blocked.

If you use Outlook Calendar, the handed over event will stay in your calendar but the slot will free up. This is due to Outlook limitations. Please make sure you do not delete the event or you will delete it for everyone.

Your coworker will receive a handover notification mail. Meeting participants will not be notified if they are Google Calendar users; their calendar event will silently be updated. If the meeting participants use other calendar providers, they will receive a notification of the update.

Please note that you cannot hand over Demodesk meetings if the original host has already joined the meeting. In that case, please contact the original host to leave the meeting and then hand over the meeting. Make sure that the host closes the tab and does not end the meeting since ended meetings cannot be handed over.


How are meetings categorized?

If meetings have no participants, we categorize them as a "blocker." Meetings with only participants from your company are labeled as "internal." Meetings with at least one person from a different company are categorized as "external."

What happens if a Demodesk meeting is handed over last minute and the user has already clicked on the old host's lobby link?

No need to worry! They are routed to the new host’s lobby.

What happens if a Demodesk meeting participant joins the old host's lobby shortly before the meeting is handed over?

No worries: The participant will show up at the new host’s lobby and the host can let them in.

How do Demodesk meeting links change upon handover?

It depends on the meeting location:

  • Demodesk one-time links will stay the same

  • Demodesk host lobby links will change (but accessing the old lobby link will still work as participants are routed to the new host’s lobby in that case)

  • Demodesk company lobby links will stay the same

  • GMeet link will stay the same

  • MS Teams and Zoom links will change

  • Custom locations may change depending on the tokens (eg. if host-specific tokens were used)

How are calendar privacy settings considered when showing the teammates’ availabilities in the team member dropdown?

  1. For each user's calendar, we check whether it is shared with people from their company's workspace. If it is not shared, we only display the respective teammate’s availability without showing any other meeting information.

  2. If the calendar is shared, we check each individual meeting's settings. If a meeting is set to private, we won't show any details. If it's not set to private, we'll display the name of the meeting.

Individual user permissions are currently not taken into account (e.g. Jane shared her calendar with John).

Can I hand over a meeting that was already started by the host?
Yes, If a meeting was already opened by the host and should be handed over, the host should close the tab. Once the tab is closed, the meeting can be handed over without any impact for the guest. Please note the previously inserted notes will be carried on to the next host so that they can add to it and ultimately successfully sync it. If the current host clicks "end meeting" the meeting will be ended for the host and guest, which should be avoided.

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