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Getting started FAQ/troubleshooting
Getting started FAQ/troubleshooting

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the initial steps on both Demodesk Meets and Scheduling

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In this article, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions, accompanied by troubleshooting suggestions. This article is divided into the following sections:

πŸ“‚ General

How do I set-up a Meeting Type as the default one?

To set this up, navigate to the meeting types page, locate the meeting type you wish to make your default, click on the three dots at the top of it, and choose "Set as Default Meeting Type."

How do I invite team members to Demodesk?

To invite a team member, navigate to the company settings, click on "Invite Teammate," input the team member's information, and grant the required permissions. It's important to be aware that if you don't have enough available seats in your desired seat type, your billing will be adjusted accordingly.

What are the steps to establish a company-wide CRM integration?

We are only able to offer a company-wide integration with HubSpot. To set this up, ensure that you are designated as a company admin in HubSpot, and then reach out to our support team through the chat in the lower right corner to enable the Demodesk integration. Please be aware that company-wide integrations come with certain limitations.

πŸ“† Scheduling

Is it possible to create booking links that can schedule appointments for more than one member simultaneously?

If you'd like to enable a customer to schedule a meeting with 2 or more team members in attendance, you can utilise what are known as tandem links. You can find additional information about these links here.

Can I add follow-up booking pages in my playbook?

Absolutely! Demodesk provides this powerful feature. You can easily display a follow-up booking page using your playbook at your preferred time frame, ensuring that your prospects schedule meetings with you. You can find additional details here.

πŸ’» Meets

How can I connect my audio or camera to a Demodesk call?

To establish a connection for your camera or audio, please ensure that Demodesk has been granted the necessary browser permissions. You can also perform a quick diagnostic check here to pinpoint potential issues or to verify that everything is functioning seamlessly prior to your meeting. For more detailed information on audio and video configurations, please refer to this article.

What are possible ways of inviting customers to my Demodesk call?

You have several options for inviting your customers. You can use the Demodesk scheduler or invite them directly through your Google Calendar if you've installed the Chrome extension, but you'll need to know both of your available time slots. Alternatively, you can streamline the process by sending your customer a booking link to avoid the back-and-forth typically associated with scheduling. Moreover, you can invite customers directly during meetings using the meeting button. Ultimately, you also have the option to send email invites from within the meeting or share the meeting link directly.

πŸ†˜ Do you still need support? We've got you covered!

Access Demodesk Live Support by utilising the chat feature located in the bottom right corner of your Demodesk dashboard, or reach out via email to for any inquiries. Our usual response time is within a few hours, but we kindly ask for a 24-hour window before requesting expedited assistance.

⚑ Pro Tip: Prior to contacting support, we recommend checking out our help center here. Our articles encompass the key aspects of Demodesk, potentially saving you a significant amount of time & effort.

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