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Meeting follow-up review & email

How to automate meeting follow-up tasks with Demodesk

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Demodesk helps you automate several manual tasks before, during, and after the meeting.

As part of the meeting follow-up tasks, you can now review your notes, automatically sync them to your CRM, and send a follow-up email–everything with a few clicks.

Meeting review

  • Stay on top of your data quality: Easily finalize your meeting notes and CRM data

  • Be in control: Avoid overwriting data in your CRM by easily reverting changes

  • Increase your productivity: Sync all data with one click – no more copy&paste

  • Understand what is happening: Get instant feedback in case of sync issues

Follow-up email

  • Standardize communication: define meeting-type specific follow-up emails to ensure a consistent communication

  • Save time: Only worry about the content that actually needs customization

  • Never forget follow-ups again: complete all follow-up tasks right after your meeting has ended

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