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Fair vs. fast lead distribution

Decide per routing if you want to optimize for a fair or a fast lead distribution

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Lead distribution can be a challenging aspect to navigate. Balancing the need for inbound leads to promptly connect with a Sales team member while ensuring an equitable distribution is crucial. In Demodesk, you have the flexibility to seamlessly modify the distribution method within a routing form, choosing from three different options to align with your preferences.

This article covers the following aspects:

Where can I adjust the lead distribution?

Simply go to "Routing forms", select or set up a routing form and then scroll down until "Routing rules". There you can find a dropdown called "Lead distribution". under the "Route settings". You can choose from two options: "Fair distribution" or "Fast distribution":

What are the different types of lead distribution?

Demodesk offers three distinct lead distribution methods, with two of them being activated by default: Fair distribution and Fast distribution while Fair distribution across a single routing form requiring support activation.

Fair distribution

To assign team members an equal number of inbound leads across all routing forms, choose "Fair distribution". If selected, Demodesk will monitor and compare on a weekly basis how many demos have been distributed to each individual across all routing forms you have. Website visitors who want to book a demo will only see time slots of team members with the least amount of demos across all routing forms that have "Fair distribution" enabled.

In case you have "Route to assigned owner" enabled and an already assigned lead books a demo, this demo will not count towards the demo count mentioned above, as this lead is not considered to be an inbound lead. Similarly, no shows and cancellations will not be counted. Please note Demodesk also considers the weighting that you set up via the Assignment Matrix.

Fast distribution

If you select "Fast distribution", Demodesk will show the available time slots of all team members of the respective meeting type. If more than one team member is available on the chosen time, the person with the lowest demo count will get the demo. If both have the same demo count, the demo will be assigned randomly. No shows and cancellations do not count towards the demo count.

Fair distribution across a single routing form

The default Fair distribution method allocates an equal number of inbound leads to team members across all routing forms with "Fair distribution" selected. If you prefer to assign team members an equal number of inbound leads for a specific routing form only, we have got you covered through the Fair distribution across a single routing form option (see below image). To activate this feature, please reach out to support via or through the chat available in the bottom right corner.

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