If you use Demodesk booking pages on your website (e.g. as an embedded), and you want to track one of the following things, this article will guide you through the steps to set this up:

  • Marketing tracking in analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics)

    • Did a visitor convert? How many? Which source did they come from?

    • How successful are my campaigns/different funnels?

  • Source tracking in CRM

    • Where did the converted customers come from?

    • Which source do my customers come from?

Website/parent page tracking

The most comprehensive and reliable way to track source & conversion in your marketing tool or CRM is to do it with the tools you have already implemented on your website, as they keep track of all the actions your visitors are taking.

Since these tools cannot track what a user is doing inside the Demodesk iFrame*, Demodesk sends events to your website.

  • Visitor has selected a time (incl. time slot)

  • Visitor has booked a meeting (incl. email address & all other booking question answers)

The website/parent page needs to "catch" these events (listen to them) and send them to the their analytics tools (in form of identify and conversion calls).

That way, the entire tracking is fully owned and in your control.

*Also works for a button opening the booking page in a new tab, but it is less robust. We recommend using an iFrame for reliable tracking. The iFrame container width should be >= 577px to have the desktop view- any smaller would have it displayed as mobile view.

How to set it up

To implement this solution a web developer or someone of the team with a technical understanding is required. This help center explains them how to set it up (including code snippets).

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