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Having multiple CRMs connected at once
Having multiple CRMs connected at once

Effects on token connections and synchs when having more than one CRM connected

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Your team might use more than one CRM integration at a time, one for marketing and another for storing client data.

It is possible to connect two CRMs at the same time, but syncing tokens and meeting notes to both of them simultaneously is not possible. When connected at the same time, the CRMs are prioritised in the following order: Salesforce > Pipedrive > HubSpot (e.g. you have Salesforce and Pipedrive connected at the same time, all this data will be synced to the Salesforce after the meeting).

Token connections

To create a new token connection with a certain CRM, admins need to disconnect the other CRM temporarily > create the new CRM’s connections > re-connect the other CRM afterwards.

You can do so by going into your connection settings:

Selecting the CRM you wish to disconnect >

Go to the tokens page to edit token connections:

After disconnecting and reconnecting the other CRM, all previous connections will be restored.

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