Open the Demodesk scheduling for team page:

The menu in here contains three pages where you can schedule meetings in Demodesk for yourself or any other team member in your organization.

Page 1 - Meeting

Sets the name of the meeting and the event type. The tokens for the URL are:
account = Meeting Name
template = Event type slug (The identifier from the booking link for the event type)

The finished URL for page 1 would be
If both parameters are set successfully, you will be redirected to Page 2 if you click this URL.

Page 2 - Time & host

Sets the meeting host, date and time of the appointment. The Tokens for the URL are:
userEmail = email of the Demodesk user who will be the host of the meeting
Date and Time cannot be shared, as we need to make sure the calendar of the selected host is available according to the criteria set in the event type.

Selecting date & time manually will forward you to page 3. The final URL for page 1 and Page 2 is:

Page 3 - Invite

Sets the name and email address of the invited customer. The tokens are:
name = Name of the Customer ({customer_name} in the template)
email = Email of the Customer ({customer_email} in the template)

BOTH have to be set in the URL!

The final URL after all steps is:

With this URL, you can schedule meetings by only selecting the date and time for the meeting, everything else will be pre-set for you. 

More information on how to use these Links for scheduling out of Salesforce can be found here

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us:

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