Browser Permissions

Those determine the permissions you grant a Website, whether this is access to your Webcam or to play sound. Please keep in mind that in order for those changes to be successful you need to reload the page.
You will be asked to give those permissions before every meeting, but you can double check to make sure you activated them here:

1. Chrome: 

  1. Click on the padlock icon in browser address bar (in the top left corner next to URL)
  2. Click on Allow for Camera, Microphone and Sound
  1. If it doesn't appear here open your Chrome settings by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and click Settings
  2. Click Privacy & Security
  3. Click Site settings
  4. Click "Filter website by site"
  5. Enter name demodesk in search bar
  6. Make sure that it says Allow next to each permission.

2. Firefox:

Click the Padlock icon in the top left corner next to the Link and make sure to allow
Autoplay, Camera and Microphone. Firefox may block sound by default, so make sure to enable that.

If it doesn't pop up open your Firefox preferences, go to Privacy & Security and scroll down to Permissions. Make sure that it allows Demodesk to access your Camera and Microphone:

3. Safari:

Click on the Camera icon right of the search bar. Please make sure to click on Always Allow. 

If the Camera icon doesn't pop up, open your Safari preferences (⌘,), click on Websites and make sure to allow Camera and Microphone access.

Apple Computer

If you are using an iMac or a MacBook, please make sure to check your System Preferences:

System Preferences - Security and Privacy - Privacy - Camera/Microphone

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